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Hi, I'm Daniel Chinagozi

Like you, I’m passionate about entrepreneurship. I’ve been doing business over the last last 17 years and finds joy in helping others to be more successful and make better choices in business. 

My Mentorship, Leadership and Capacity Development Program and workshops help to change self-sabotaging patterns and belief systems. My work is grounded in helping people to achieve more, believing that each of us can change, improve and grow, regardless of the situation. We all have capabilities that we have yet to recognize and tap into.

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Online Courses For Entrepreneurs

Develop the skills you need to grow your business in these self-study courses designed to get you
results fast with thorough, step-by-step instruction and loads of assets

Business Model

Learn how to create a winning business model for your enterprise


Growth Hacking 101

The ultimate blueprint for growth hacking for the modern entrepreneur


Market Research 101

How to sniff your competitors customers and overtake them easily


Pitching for funding

Here's how to walk into any pitching event and walk away with investors money


Work With Daniel

Whether you’re just getting started in the great, big world of entrepreneurship – or you have a business that just isn’t hitting your revenue goals – you will benefit from the one-on-one support I provide for my mentees and clients.

The “CDI Insider” program is the only way to get direct, one-on-one coaching from me, where you’ll receive a custom plan and the resources to execute it so you can rise from your current situation to your desired goals.
I am willing and ready to help you grow. 
Are you ready for me?

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